Sunday, December 9, 2007

Mystery Food

Yesterday, J.T. and I did grocery shopping at Sav-a-Lot.

In the checkout line, J.T. spied a table full of discounted food. Some of this food was dented cans and cans missing labels. He was very intrigued by the label-free cans and asked if he could get one. I figured why not. It was most likely a vegetable and we like just about all of 'em.

After a few more minutes of picking through the cans, he found a short round one without a label.

JT: "Look, Mom, it's probably tuna or canned chicken!"
Me: "Hmm"
JT: "Can we get it?" "It's only 20 cents!"
Me: *sigh* "Fine." "But no more mystery food!"

After getting home and getting all the groceries put away I started pulling out lunch ingredients. We were having tuna sandwiches with celery and peanut butter. J.T. excitedly came in and presented the short little can that he was convinced was tuna and wanted me to open it. I shook the can and it didn't sound like tuna. So I looked at the bright orange sticker on top. It said: Label Missing

Yes, in big, bold letters like that. CAT FOOD.

Me: "Didn't you READ the label?"
JT: *cackling hysterically* "What if you would have eaten it!?"
Me: "I would have realized it was cat food before I ate it!"

No, we don't have a cat. Yes, Baby would have probably liked the cat food. But, I just gave it to the neighbor's outside cat or whatever other stray cat might have wandered over to eat it.

Note to self: Check the labels of things J.T. wants to buy.

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Frances at said...

Wish you could see how hard I'm laughing!